Steiner Biotechnology Product Description and Use

The team at Steiner Biotechnology wants you to learn more about our products for bone grafts and how they work. From ridge augmentation info to simple socket graft info, we are happy to provide you with all of the information possible to help you understand our products. We are one of the top companies working in the field of bone regeneration, so you can feel confident that we are providing you with important and up-to-date information.

Our socket graft and ridge augmentation products are made to work in a variety of situations. For example, our Socket Graft Plus product is known to not cause an inflammatory reaction and contains no human or animal products. Furthermore, our Osteointegration product has been shown to work in areas where implants have poor or no bone stability. For detailed information of these products and additional info about how bone grafts work, please visit the Regenerative Products tab.

Indications and Use:


Socket Graft Putty Plus OsseoConuduct Kit

  • Ideal for all socket grafting situations.
  • Extraction sites for incisors or bicuspids that have completely blown out buccal wall much wider than the width of the extracted root.  Raise a full thickness flap and cover with a bio-compatible membrane such as GBR-200 by Osteogenics.
  • Extractions with missing walls
  • Extraction sites with apical fenestration: Force some of the graft material out through the fenestration. Round off the graft material using finger pressure over the alveolar bone in the area of the fenestration.
  • Extraction site with extensive infections and fistulas:  If extensive bleeding after extraction occurs, place gauze in the socket until bleeding has stopped then graft with Socket Graft Plus and cover with a synthetic membrane. 

Socket Seal™

Is intended to cover exposed tissue and bone graft materials, enabling the placement of bone graft in an extraction socket without incisions or flaps.  Simply graft and cover. Use a medical grade glue such as Oral Bond to seal the edges of the Socket Seal once in place to create a hermetic seal and prevent oral fluids from entering the grafted site.

Immediate Graft™

Is used in areas of immediate implant placement to fill voids between the implant and the bone while producing bone to implant integration.  It is also used to fill in defects in areas of apicoectomies and localized periodontal lesions.  Hydrase wetting agent must be used to activate the graft and is sold separately.


Is a bone graft wetting agent that contains the proper Ph., ionic balance, and mineral content to stimulate osteoblastic activity.  It has been shown to improve bone growth and density after bone graft surgery.

Sinus Graft™   

Was specifically designed to hydraulically lift the sinus membrane via a 3mm osteotomy (The Steiner Sinus Lift).  It is also used for the Sinus Bump Technique.  For large lateral window sinus augmentations, we recommend using Socket Graft Plus.

Socket Graft Putty   For all first time users we recommend starting with Socket Graft Plus OsseoConduct Kit.

  • Sockets should be as dry as possible before injecting Socket Graft Putty. Inserting a dry, sterile 2×2  into the socket will help control blood flow as the graft material is injected into the site. Socket Graft Putty targets the osteoblast that live in the bone.
  • Extractions with all bony walls present:   Use Socket Graft Putty with Teflon membrane & place implant in 8 weeks.
  • Extraction sites that retain their socket walls but have a minor sinus perforation into the sinus: Graft with Socket Graft Putty expressing some graft material into the sinus to occlude the perforation & place Teflon membrane. Instruct patient to not cover nose while sneezing or coughing. Place implant in 3 months.
  • Extraction site with extensive infections and fistulas:  If extensive bleeding after extraction occurs, place gauze in the socket until bleeding has stopped then graft with Socket Graft Putty and cover with Teflon membrane.

 Socket Rx 

The Perfect Prescription for Hemorrhage control. Facilitates the ease of application of bone grafts when confronted with a hemorrhaging socket or intensely bleeding area. Apply Socket Rx to the area of intense bleeding and quickly control blood flow available in tablet form.

Oral Bond Comparison Chart to PeriAcryl

A sterile oral adhesive available with a delivery system that will facilitate placement.  Keep in freezer to maintain thick viscosity until ready for use. Material will not freeze.


Was designed to convert D4 bone into D2 bone where areas of previously extracted sites did not receive a bone graft. This product will improve the quality and vitality of the bone.  It is also used in situations where a “spinner” occurs during the torqueing of the implant.  This bone graft allows for the “spinner” to be removed and replaced.  Remove the implant, mix OsteoIntegration as instructed, fill the osteotomy, screw implant back into osteotomy.  The graft material will be forced into the trabecular bone and cause the process of osteogenesis to occur yielding bone to implant integration.  Hydrase wetting agent must be used to activate the graft and is sold separately.


Is a 3rd Generation BTCP used as a general bone graft. Unlike other granular bone grafts, this BTCP is microporous, antibacterial and is completely resorbed in 4-6 months and replaced by bone.   Available in 2 sizes:  Standard 500-1000 microns & Perio 250-500 microns

Please visit the Regenerative Products tab for case presentation of these products or call 866.317.1348 for further information.