Maxillofacial Regenerative Products

SteinerBio bone regeneration products are designed specifically for maxillofacial treatments.  We have a wealth of research, publications, and case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of our products for regenerating bone and aiding in the long-term health of your patients.  If you have questions about our bone graft products or would like to understand how they are designed to regenerate bone, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the information you need.

Offering the best bone regeneration products is the goal of SteinerBio. Many dental professionals rely on our products for their bone graft procedures, as they can rest assured that our business provides them with surgical innovations that are not offered by other bone graft companies. Read about our socket grafting materials, sinus graft, and osteointegration selections available here. Each of these items features an in-depth description with case presentations to show you their performance and how you can easily introduce these products into your practice.

Performance Guaranteed

If our bone grafts are not the best performing bone grafts you have used, we will refund your purchase.

Sinus Graft™

Sinus Graft™ was specifically designed to hydraulically lift the sinus membrane via a 3mm buccal osteotomy and the Sinus Bump via a crestal approach.   

This product has enabled the creation of new surgical procedures, such as the Steiner Sinus Lift and the Sinus Bump, which allows practitioners to provide a previously unattainable level of care for their patients resulting in less trauma and quicker healing due to a micro-surgical technique. 

Socket Graft Plus™

Ideal for all socket grafting situations, repairing socket walls and small ridge augmentations. Socket Graft Plus contains βTCP granules (granule size 500-1000 microns)

Offer your patients a bone graft material that is safe, will not cause an inflammatory reaction, is non-allergenic, and contains NO human or animal product.  Socket Graft Plus™ is the ideal bone graft material needed for every socket grafting situation. Place while frozen, petals melt as each are placed into the socket. 

Socket Graft™

Intended to be used when all 4 bony walls are intact after extraction, implant can be placed 8 weeks after grafting in above normal bone growth. 

When the implant is placed, osteoblasts continue to secrete osteoid throughout, including onto the implant surface, creating bone-to-implant integration.  

The FDA has cleared Socket Graft for implant placement 8 weeks after grafting.

No other bone graft on the market today has been shown to stimulate osteogenesis as effectively as Socket Graft™.


Increase bone density from D4 to D2:  A solution for “spinners”.

OsteoIntegration™ contains SL Factor that stimulates osteoblasts to multiply and spread throughout the grafted site, increasing vitality and mineralization. During implant placement, “spinners” can now be saved by placing OsteoIntegration into the osteotomy and driving the implant into the graft material.   

Immediate Graft™

Fills defects and achieves implant integration. 

Immediate Graft™ was developed to not just fill the defect with bone but to also produce integration in the area of the defect. Immediate Graft™ is proven to produce integration to immediate implants which is a combination of two of our best technologies. Immediate Graft™ is also used in areas of periodontal defects and apicoectomies.

OsseoConduct™ βTCP Granules

OsseoConduct™ is a 3rd generation βTCP that combines the features of biocompatibility, resorption, and osteoconductivity to produce the latest technology in bone grafting materials. Studies show that βTCP outperformed both autografts and allografts. 

Use in combination with Ridge Graft™ for ridge augmentations in a 1:1 mixing ratio.

Oral Bond™

Oral Bond

A sterile oral adhesive for securing surgical sites. 

Ridge Graft™

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Used for ridge augmentations, recommended to be mixed with our 3rd Generation OsseoConduct βTCP Granules™ for optimum results. This mixture will hold form and is completely resorbed in 6 months and replaced by high functioning healthy bone.

Ridge Graft™ contains SL factor™ an osteogenic compound that stimulates the process of osteogenesis. SL factor is absorbed through the cell membrane of osteoblasts and communicates with the DNA. Over 300 genes of the cell are stimulated resulting in a high level of bone formation and mineralization. This process of bone formation occurs at a very rapid rate creating healthy, vital new bone that is functional and adaptable to varying loads. Time of implant placement and restoration is reduced due to this process.

Ridge Graft™ and OsseoConduct βTCP Granules™ are FDA approved ideal for ridge augmentations, perio lesions, and lateral window sinus lifts.

Offer your patients these osteogenic synthetic dental bone grafts and get higher acceptance rates by making your patients feel safe and at ease knowing there are no adverse reactions or chances of disease transmission as the grafts are fully resorbed and replaced with normal healthy vital bone. 

Socket Seals™

Socket Seal Steiner BiotechnologySocket Seals are non-resorbable barrier membranes.  Simply cut to fit the orifice of the extracted site, seal the edges with Oral Bond, then suture and remove in 7-10 days. 

As with all SteinerBio products, this product is unique and goes beyond the function of a simple seal. Socket Seals are intended to cover exposed tissue and bone graft materials, enabling the placement of bone graft in an extraction socket without incisions or flaps. Simply graft and cover.