Maxillofacial Regenerative Products

Our bone regeneration products have been specifically designed for maxillofacial treatments. Many dental professionals rely on our products and techniques to enrich their practices. The links below feature in-depth descriptions of our products with case presentations to illustrate their performance.

Our hope is that each reader will deepen their understanding of how critical a role bone vitality plays not just in socket grafting, but in long-term implant success. We have a wealth of research, publications, and case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of our products for regenerating bone and facilitating long-term patient health.

Socket Graft™

Intended to be used when all 4 bony walls are intact after extraction

The FDA has cleared Socket Graft™ for implant placement 8 weeks after grafting. The petal-shaped graft material rests frozen in a triangular or hexagonal silicone tray. The petals melt as they are placed into the socket. Biological components of Socket Graft™ are also available in an injectable delivery system:  Socket Graft Injectable™

Socket Graft Injectable™

A high viscosity putty intended to be used when all 4 bony walls are present after extraction

Socket Graft Injectable™ is contained in a frozen, single use syringe and requires 2 – 3 minutes to thaw before use. Biological components of Socket Graft Injectable™ are also available in an packable delivery system:  Socket Graft™

Socket Graft Plus™

Ideal for all socket grafting situations, repairing socket walls, and small ridge augmentations

Socket Graft Plus™ contains βTCP granules (500-1000 microns). The petal-shaped graft material rests frozen in a triangular or hexagonal silicone tray. The petals melt as they are placed into the socket.

Sinus Graft™

Specifically designed to hydraulically lift the sinus membrane via a 3mm buccal osteotomy

This product has enabled the creation of new surgical procedures, such as the Steiner Sinus Lift™ and the Sinus Bump, which allows practitioners to provide a previously unattainable level of care for their patients resulting in less trauma and quicker healing thanks to a micro-surgical technique.


Increase bone density from D4 to D2: A solution for “spinners”

During implant placement, “spinners” can now be saved by placing BioDensification™ into the osteotomy and driving the implant into the graft material. BioDensification™ contains SL Factor™ that stimulates osteoblasts to multiply and spread throughout the grafted site, increasing vitality and mineralization.

Immediate Graft™

Designed to fill defects and achieves implant integration

Immediate Graft™ was developed not just to fill the defect with bone, but to also achieve integration in the area of the defect. Immediate Graft™ is also used in areas of periodontal defects and apicoectomies.


3rd generation βTCP that combines the features of biocompatibility, resorption, and osteoconductivity

OsseoConduct™ is a synthetic, micro-porous, biocompatible grafting material intended for use as a general bone graft. The granules maintain graft site volume and are resorbed and replaced with normal bone in 4-6 months.

Oral Bond™

A sterile oral adhesive for securing surgical sites

Oral Bond™ is designed for the intended purpose of attaching dental dressings to intact gum tissue and/or tooth enamel to help keep the dressings secure. A 6ml vial with 12 dispensing pipettes offer ease of application.

Ridge Graft Kit™

Ideal for Ridge Augmentations, Perio Lesions, and Lateral Sinus Elevations

The kit includes 1cc of graft material and a 1cc packet of OsseoConduct™ Standard granules (500-1000 microns). The graft consistency is a putty form material that needs to be mixed with OsseoConduct™ granules to hold form.

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