Maxillofacial Regenerative Products

Our Steiner Biotechnology bone regeneration products are designed specifically for maxillofacial treatments.  We have a wealth of research, publications, and case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of our products for regenerating bone and aiding in the long-term health of your patients.  If you have any questions about our bone graft products or how a socket bone graft works, contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the information you need.

Offering the best bone regeneration products is the goal of Steiner Biotechnology. Many medical professionals rely on our products for their bone graft procedures, as they can rest assured that our business provides them with surgical innovations that they won’t find from other companies. Read about our socket bone graft, sinus graft, and osteointegration selections available here. Each of these items features an in-depth description to show you how they work and what you can do with these products.

Socket Graft Plus™

Socket Graft Plus ImageJPG

Offer your patients a bone graft material that is safe, will not cause an inflammatory reaction, is non-allergenic and contains NO human or animal product.  Socket Graft Plus™ is the ideal bone graft material needed for every socket grafting situation.


SOCKET PillRx™  facilitates the ease of application of bone grafts when confronted with a hemorrhaging socket or intensely bleeding area.

Available in a tablet form, unlike any other bone graft, it creates instant hemostasis when crushed and condensed inside the socket or areas of intense bleeding.

Immediate Graft™

Immediate-GraftImmediate Graft is used for immediate implants, localized perio lesions, and apicotectomies.  Our team developed this product to not only fill the defect with bone, but also to produce integration in the area of defect.  Immediate Graft is proven to produce integration to immediate implants, which combines two of our best technologies.


Osteo Integration Steiner BiotechnologyOsteoIntegration™ contains SL Factor the osteogenic properties that stimulate osteoblasts to multiply and spread throughout the area which increases vitality and mineralization. It also increases integration rates in areas where poor quality bone exists and in areas where implants have poor to no bone stability.

Sinus Graft™

Sinus Graft Steiner BiotechnologyOur patented Sinus Graft™ (previously known as Regen Biocement Flow) is designed specifically for hydraulically elevating the sinus membrane.  This product has enabled the creation of new surgical procedures, such as the Steiner Sinus Lift and the Sinus Bump which allows practitioners to provide a previously unattainable level of care for their patients.

Socket Graft Putty™

SG Putty Revised

Socket Graft Putty is intended to regenerate bone when all 4 bony walls are in tact after extractions.

The FDA has cleared Socket Graft Putty for implant placement 8 weeks after grafting.

…no other bone graft on the market today has been shown to stimulate osteogenesis as effectively as Socket Graft Putty.

OsseoConduct™ bTCP Granules

OsseoConduct bTCP Granules Steiner Biotechnology
OsseoConduct™ is a 3rd generation bTCP that combines the features of biocompatibility, resorption, and osteoconductivity to produce the latest technology in bone grafting materials. OsseoConduct™ completely resorbs in 4-6 months and is replaced by bone.


Hydrase wetting agent Steiner BiotechnologyHydrase™ is a bone graft wetting agent that contains the proper Ph, ionic balance, and mineral content to stimulate osteoblastic activity.  It has been shown to improve bone growth and density after bone graft surgery.


A sterile oral adhesive made for the intended purpose of attaching dental dressings to intact gum tissue and/or tooth enamel to help keep the dressings secure.

Socket Seals™

Socket Seal Steiner BiotechnologyOur patent-pending Socket Seals are cleared by the FDA for use as a barrier membrane.  As with all Steiner Biotechnology products, this product is unique and goes beyond the function of a simple seal.  Socket Seals are included with every order of Socket Graft Putty™ and are intended to cover exposed tissue and bone graft materials, enabling the placement of bone graft in an extraction socket without incisions or flaps.  Simply graft and cover.

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