Ridge Graft Kit™

Ideal for Ridge Augmentations and Sinus Elevations

Specifically Designed for Ridge Augmentation and Sinus Augmentation

The combination of our putty mixed with our 3rd generation βTCP OsseoConduct™ granules allow this material to be easily mixed and shaped at chairside. Since it is not water soluble, it will not wash out during or after placement in the graft site. The material is a dual phase calcium phosphate biocement that contains our patented organic compound, SL Factor™, that stimulates osteogenesis. It is not recommended to mix Ridge Graft Kit™ with other materials.

Our line of graft materials are the only bone graft materials on the market that contain a drug that changes the physiology of the osteoblast to stimulate osteogenesis. SL Factor™ enters the osteoblast cell membrane, which results in the following metabolic activities.

  • SL Factor™ activates over 300 genes that stimulates the process of bone formation
  • Stimulates mesenchymal stem cells to differentiate into osteoblasts
  • BMP2 and Runx2 production increases two-fold and reduces osteoclast formation by inhibiting the production of RANK ligand
  • Osteocalcin accumulation is enhanced in the extracellular matrix resulting in excellent mineralization
  • While stored in the osteoblast, SL Factor™ continues to stimulate bone growth after the synthetic matrix has been resorbed
  • Adipogenesis, osteoclastogenesis, and ODF/RANK ligand expression inhibited in bone marrow cell cultures
  • Inflammation is reduced by inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis

Everything in Ridge Graft Kit™ is synthetically produced while all of the compounds exist in nature. There are no animal or human products in any of our graft materials. In addition, there is no potential for allergic or inflammatory reactions.

“Modern beta tricalcium phosphate bone grafts perform as well or better than allografts or autografts. The negatives of autograft morbidity and cadaver harvesting makes high performing βTCP a superior choice.”