Patented to Stimulate Osteogenesis



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Case Presentation Using Ridge Graft™

Regeneration of a class 111 trifurcation with the Inverted Periosteal Graft using the graft material

Regenerating Class 2

Regenerating Mesial Furrow Lesion
Of Maxillary Bicuspid

Regeneration Of Lingual Moat
With Interproximal Crater

Regenerating Circumferential
Bone Loss

Repairing An Oral Antral

Learning the Inverted
Periosteal Graft

Premaxilla Ridge

Ridge And Sinus

Regenerating Severe Distal Moat
With The Inverted Periosteal Graft
Osseoconduct BTCP Perio Granules


RIDGE GRAFT™ is a Trade  Mark of Steiner Biotechnology and is specifically designed for ridge augmentation and periodontal lesions. It is commonly mixed with granules to help maintain volume and highly recommend to mix with our 3rd generation bTCP OsseoConduct granules.  Ridge Graft™ is not water soluble and will not wash out during or after placement in the graft site. Our putty is a dual phase calcium phosphate biocement that contains our patented SL FACTOR that stimulates osteogenesis.

Our line of graft materials are the only bone graft materials on the market that contain a drug that changes the physiology of the osteoblast to stimulate osteogenesis. SL Factor™, our patented organic compound enters the osteoblasts which results in the following metabolic activities.

  • SL Factor enters through the osteoblasts ‘cell membrane and activates over 300 genes that stimulates the process of bone formation.
  • Stimulates mesenchymal stem cells to differentiate into osteoblasts.
  • Creates a two-fold increase in BMP2 and Runx2 production and reduces osteoclast formation by inhibiting the production of RANK ligand.
  • Enhances osteocalcin accumulation in the extracellular matrix resulting in excellent mineralization.
  • Stored in the osteoblast and continues to stimulate bone growth after the synthetic matrix has been resorbed.
  • Inhibits adipogenesis, osteoclastogenesis, and ODF/RANK ligand expression in bone marrow cell cultures.
  • Reduces inflammation by inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis.

Everything in Ridge Graft™ is synthetically produced while all of the compounds exist in nature. There are no animal or human products in any of our graft materials. In addition, there is no potential for allergic or inflammatory reactions.



Either syringe can be used for dispensing the graft material. *Light Purple Syringe has a larger bore. *Dark Purple Syringe has a tip for harder to reach areas and requires more force for dispensing.


1.Hold both syringes upright and un-screw caps. Do not compress syringe containing powder at this point.

2. Screw both syringes together & Push liquid into powder syringe. Mix back and forth by simultaneously pushing plungers of both syringes about 10 times until completely mixed.

3. After mixing, push entire graft material into either syringe and unscrew syringes.

4. Set aside for 3 min for graft activation to occur.

5. After 3 min, Ridge Graft™ is ready for use.

Note: When mixing with granules, after Ridge Graft has been mixed, express Ridge Graft™ into a sterile mixing bowl then add granular material and use as needed. OsseoConduct bTCP granules are highly recommended for optimum results.

7. It is advised that Ridge Graft™ NOT be mixed with Bio-Oss, allografts, xenografts or any graft material that contains organic compounds.

The graft material can be premixed 1 hour ahead of time.