Socket Graft Plus™

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With the osteogenic properties of SL factor™ and our 3rd generation OsseoConduct™ bTCP,  this kit is the ideal bone graft material needed for every socket grafting situation. Socket Graft Putty™ Plus OsseoConduct™ Kit,  yields optimal results for regenerating sockets, fenestrations and dehiscence’s.  No surgical flaps needed or primary closure needed, cover with a Teflon membrane.

This kit offers ease of application, optimal bone quality with bone to implant integration due to its osteogenic properties, it quickly regenerates bone while it completely resorbs and gets replaced by your patient’s own bone but most importantly, increases implant success rates.

Offer your patients a bone graft material that is safe, will not cause an inflammatory reaction, is non-allergenic and contains NO human or animal product.


Understanding SL factor

 Socket Graft Plus™