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Extract, debride the socket, fill socket with graft material and cover with Socket Seal™

Used in laboratories to cultivate live osteoblasts.

A New Kind of Barrier Membrane

Socket Seals™ are a Trade Mark of Steiner Biotechnology and are FDA cleared as a barrier membrane. However, as with all Steiner Biotechnology products,  Socket Seals™ are unique and far more than a simple seal. Socket Seals™ are intended to cover exposed tissue and bone graft materials and allow placing a bone graft in an extraction socket without incisions or flaps. Just graft and cover.


Suggested Instructions   

 Socket Seals™ are sterile, medical grade closed cell foam barriers. Each Socket Seal™ packet is sterile and can be placed on the surgical table.



1. After extraction and graft has been placed, cut Socket Seal™ to fit the socket orifice. Socket Seal fits flush with the gingival margin.

periacry-photo2. Place Oral Bond to edges of Socket Seal™. (To set Oral Bond quickly, spray with water) Secure with an asterisk shape suture. After the sutures have been placed, add a second layer of Oral Bond to the edges of the Socket Seal and mist with water to set Oral Bond.




3. Remove Socket Seal™ in 7 days for single rooted teeth or bicuspids and for molars remove in 10 days. The seal will maintain the gingival margin.  After the seal is removed at post op, an ovate pontic can be placed in the depression for improved esthetics.