USP Water for Irrigation-Bone Graft Wetting Agent

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Hydrase™ is a Trade Mark of Steiner Biotechnology. The goal of any bone graft procedure is to regenerate lost bone or stimulate appositional bone growth. Bone graft materials by themselves only fill the bony defect and rely on the surrounding bone to grow into the osseous defect. However, the initial reaction of the surrounding bone to the trauma of surgery is to resorb bone by osteoclastic activity and only over time is the process reversed and new bone formation begins. Most bone graft materials do not stimulate bone growth but merely provide a support structure and space for the surrounding bone to grow. HYDRASE™  is a bone graft wetting agent that contains the proper Ph, ionic balance and mineral content to stimulate osteoblastic activity. The ionic balance of HYDRASE™  has been shown to improve bone growth and bone density after bone graft surgery.

Hydroxylapatite is the principal mineral in bone and teeth. Hydroxylapatite is also the primary ingredient in most synthetic bone graft materials. When all bone grafts are placed the proper Ph and ionic balance and mineral content is needed to provide proper support for osteoblastic activity. Osteoblasts are responsible for bone formation and also control the actions of osteoclasts. HYDRASE™ is designed to be applied to the graft site and used as a wetting agent for the bone graft material. The composition of HYDRASE™ provides the graft material with the ideal conditions for osteoblast growth and bone formation. Unless optimized for osteogenesis any bone graft wetting agent will inhibit bone growth.

HYDRASE is supplied in multidose vials. Use sterile single use syringes to dispense HYDRASE for bone graft wetting.

Supplied: 30ml multidose vial

Single use sterile syringes are advised for dispensing HYDRASE. A 3 ml syringe with a 23 gauge 1″ needle works well. BD brand luer-lok syringe ref #309597 can be purchased through Henry Schein catalogue #987-7076. Phone # 800-329-9109.


Depending on the amount of bone graft material needed withdraw an adequate amount of HYDRASE from the multiuse vial to wet the bone graft material and irrigate the graft site prior to graft placement. Wet the bone graft material with HYDRASE prior to seating the patient for surgery. When the graft site is prepared irrigate the surrounding bone with HYDRASE. Evacuate the graft site prior to placing the bone graft. Use antibiotics and barriers as indicated.