SteinerBio: The Best Alternative To Animal and Human Bone Grafts

Is it really a choice if you aren’t given options?

Choosing a product you want is very different from choosing a product you are forced to have, especially when it comes to choosing a dental bone graft. In this introductory blog post, we will discuss why choosing the right bone graft is vital to the survival of your implant.

The vitality of tissue determines the longevity of tissue and the same goes for dental implants. Supposed you wanted to replace your wooden fence and your contractor told you that you had options on the materials to choose from. He displays the materials and goes over each option and ultimately you have the final say. Don’t you feel this should be the same experience when you visit your dentist and you need a bone graft and an implant? Absolutely!

You would not be very happy with your contractor if he gave you only one choice to choose from to build your fence. You see, most dentists are not taught bone biology or bone graft biology courses during their training. Don’t believe me? Ask them. With today’s advancements in dentistry and since the introduction of dental implants, one would expect such courses to be taught, but unfortunately this is not the case.

Another unfortunate circumstance is that most dental schools teach their students to use cadaver bone grafts primarily, followed by autografts, which require a secondary surgery to retrieve bone from another part of the patient’s body. The student graduates and ultimately offers you those same two choices. Not good enough.

So how does SteinerBio play into choosing the right bone graft?

SteinerBio has dedicated 20 years of research studying bone biology and most importantly, bone graft biology. We have studied and recorded how each and every type of bone graft heals, the types of tissues they produce after healing, the inflammation they produce, the quality of bone they produce, and finally, the reasons why various types of bone grafts fail.

After many years of research and development, we designed a bone graft material that ultimately gave us the results that produced healthy, normal vital tissue unlike the current bone grafts in today’s market. Not only that, we received FDA clearance proving that SteinerBio bone grafts are safe and effective.

In order for your dental implant to survive with you, the foundation it is put into will make that determination. We developed a bone graft material that does not use animal or human products, but one that uses your bone producing cells to grow your own bone back. Additionally, because it is new bone, it is stronger, healthier, and more vital.

When it comes to bone grafts, we believe your choice is critical. It is therefore valuable to know beforehand what it is you are choosing. That is, if your dentist even gives you a choice at all. In our following blog, we will discuss the biology of our bone grafts and why you want to choose a science-based bone graft.

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