Proven Integration on
Immediate Implant Surfaces

Immediate implant placement is becoming a popular treatment option. However, no bone graft materials have been able to show that bone integration occurs in the areas of the implant that have been grafted. A failure of integration in areas not in contact with the patient’s bone often leads to bone defects around the coronal portion of the implant, with an increase in peri-implantitis. Socket Graft is the only implant proven to produce implant integration at the grafted site.

The following case provides proof of this principal. A patient who had type 1 diabetes required good mastication to help stabilize her glucose levels. She was diagnosed with a functioning but failing lower right bridge. The patient was scheduled for removal of the bridge and placement of implants. However, when she presented for surgery, her lower left implant and the adjacent bicuspid had failed. The patient insisted that the left side be treated first so that she could continue to chew on her lower right bridge. The decision was made to remove the lower left implant and bicuspid and place immediate implants. Please review the following case and see how the properties of Socket Graft facilitated immediate implant placement with no bone contact.
Implant #19 and the bicuspid fractured and were unrestorable.
Upon removal of the core vent implant, there was only granulation tissue present to near the mandibular nerve.
The socket of #19 was filled with Socket Graft and a 5.0 x 13mm implant was floated in graft material with no bone contact.
The post op radiograph showed a mesial angulation of the implant #19 and a probe was used to upright the implant in the graft material. The flaps were closed with primary closure.
The implants were exposed and healing abutments were placed at three months. The density of bone formation appears superior in the grafted area around #19 with integration to the implant collar.
The restored implant establishes that areas grafted with Socket Graft produce bone integration. In this case, there was no initial contact of the implant with bone. The implant has been floated in Socket Graft. The properties of Socket Graft permit migration of osteoblasts as the first cells to enter into the graft material, and upon reaching the implant surface, integration occurs.


American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR)

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS)