Preoperative radiograph

Sinus grafted and implant placed.

Implant dislodged when patient bit on a peanut M and M. After removal of the implant and healing a significant hole opened between the sinus and oral cavity.

The pateint presented with an oral antral fistula that developed after an implant has been placed and was then forced into the sinus.


The flap was designed to retain as much of the tissue lining the sinus as possible.


The sinus membrane was dissected away from the lateral and medial sinus wall and the sinus membrane fistula was sutured closed.


The sinus was grafted for delayed implant placement. The graft material, Regen Biocement Putty was mixed with Standard OsseoConduct (BTCP) granules. Both the sinus and the ridge were augmented.


In order to prevent movement of the graft material, a medium angled Cortical Plate was trimmed to cover the graft site.


The graft site with the OsseoConduct Cortical Plate in place.


Primary closure.


Six weeks after repair the oral antral communication is closed with significant bone regeneration in the sinus.