OsseoConduct βTCP

3rd Generation β-Tricalcium Phosphate
For Bone Grafting and Implant Surface Air Abrasion

Biocompatibility, Resorption, and Osteoconductivity

OsseoConduct is a state of the art micro-porous beta tricalcium phosphate that provides what you are looking for in a granular bone graft material — the only material of this category cleared by the FDA for implant placement.

OsseoConduct granules undergo a rapid rate of resorption due to its unique physical properties. Other resorbable granular bone grafts require osteoclasts for resorption to take place. Osteoclasts exist only in mineralized bone. In order for other bone graft materials to be resorbed, they must be encased in mineralized bone first before absorption can occur. Therefore, the resorption process will take many months or years. OsseoConduct granules are able to be resorbed by monocytes (phagocytes) which are found in soft connective tissue.

OsseoConduct granules begin the resorptive process soon after grafting. The process continues providing space for ingrowth of mineralized bone. The result is a rapid and complete replacement of OsseoConduct granules with normal bone while maintaining shape and volume. Unlike allografts and xenografts, OsseoConduct produces bone with normal physiology and architecture.

Air Abrasion for Detoxification of Implant Surfaces

To date, air abrasion has been shown to be the most effective method of cleaning an implant surface. In order to produce a surface that is clean and biocompatible, but also promotes mineralization, we have produced an abrasive powder made from our OsseoConduct βTCP bone graft granules. Unlike other abrasives, our material is cleared by the FDA for bone regeneration.

Follow the link below to see a demonstration of the performance of our OsseoConduct Micron for cleaning implant surfaces.

failed implant with retained cement cleaned with βTCP air abrasion
“Modern beta tricalcium phosphate bone grafts perform as well or better than allografts or autografts. The negatives of autograft morbidity and cadaver harvesting makes high performing βTCP a superior choice.”

Perfected by years of development and clinical testing.

As a clinician-driven company, we developed OsseoConduct to meet the following criteria:

OsseoConduct granules avoid all of the things you don’t want in a graft material such as inflammatory reactions resulting from residual proteins, potential disease transmission, and the inability to be resorbed preventing bone formation. OsseoConduct is a bone graft matrix for the natural process of bone remodeling that converts this biocompatible synthetic graft material into normal bone. During resorption, OsseoConduct granules provide the calcium and phosphate for mineralization of living bone without an inflammatory response.

Any graft material that includes proteins will have a varying degree of inflammatory response. Other graft materials without proteins are considered non-pyrogenic because they produce a small inflammatory response. OsseoConduct is one of the rare graft materials that is pyrogen-free because there is no detectable inflammatory response. When grafting with OsseoConduct granules, it is the process of remodeling rather than encapsulation, that produces normal, healthy tissue and ensures bone vitality.


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