Early Implant Protocol (4 Weeks)

Early Implant Protocol for improved esthetics, reduced post op pain, and shorter time from extraction to restoration.

This patient presents with root resorption and a significant endodontic lesion.

The tooth was extracted and grafted with Socket Graft in addition to the placement of a d-PTFE membrane using Oral Bond to secure the membrane without suturing.

2-week post op showing 50% mineralization. The patient was scheduled for implant placement 4 weeks after extraction.
4 weeks post extraction. The membrane was placed and secured with Oral Bond adhesive only. No sutures were used.
Membrane removal at 4 weeks exposing immature bone.
4 weeks post extraction. The osteotomy is prepared without incisions or flaps.
Pilot drill at 4 weeks.
Osteotomy complete.
4 weeks after extraction. Day of implant placement and the implant is stable.
Day of implant placement.
4 weeks post implant placement. The patient was referred for restoration.
2 weeks after restoration.
Gingiva, 2 weeks after restoration.
2 weeks after restoration The gingival margin is in excellent location and the interdental papilla are in the process of regenerating.
The 4-week early implant protocol allows for improved bone integration over immediate implant placement in the area of the crest. This time period of implant placement also allows for no flap implant placement which reduces the time of surgery and post-operative discomfort to the patient because there are no incisions, flaps, or sutures. The accelerated time frame prevents gingival and bone resorption, providing improved gingival esthetics. The added benefit is the patient moves from extraction to restoration in an accelerated time period.


American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR)

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS)