Oral Bond

A Sterile Oral Adhesive

Performance and Characteristics

Sterility Sterile
Set Time Allows for lower heat generation; kinder to tissue
Stringing Slower set time to allow tissue manipulation
Color Provides better visibility and a more pleasant appearance
Delivery System User-friendly delivery via angled pipette for hard to reach areas
Value 6ml vial with 24 pipettes and disposable dappen dishes

Sutureless Socket Membrane

In an effort to better understand single tooth implant replacement and gingival esthetics, we evaluated a number of variables that can affect gingival esthetics. The one surprising negative influencer was suturing.

Follow the link below to see full case, Sutureless Socket Membrane:

Sutureless socket membrane


American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR)

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS)