Sinus Membrane Removal
for Sinus Augmentation

Our previous coverage of this topic were focused on the success and predictability of the technique and we have now produced a video to help clinicians be successful with what many are calling a game changer for sinus augmentation.

It is known that the sinus membrane does not contribute to bone production during sinus augmentation procedures. However, it is assumed that the membrane is required to contain the sinus graft material for successful sinus augmentation procedures. Like so many assumptions about bone, this is another false assumption. The sinus membrane is not needed for predictable successful sinus augmentation with same day implant placement.

The most common question we receive concerns how the graft material behaves in the sinus when there is no sinus membrane. After graft placement, immediately place the implant. The material dries in about 20-30 minutes and bonds to the implant and the bone. Therefore, it does not move because it sets hard, and cannot be displaced.

After 11 years of using this methodology, we have had no implant failures and no post operative complications. As a result, removing the sinus membrane has become our new standard of care. The simplicity of this methodology reduces the level of skill required to perform predictable sinus augmentation, shortens the time required to perform the surgery, and significantly reduces post-op morbidity. The time between grafting and implant placement and restoration is dependent on the amount of residual crestal bone, but in most cases the implants can be restored in 3 months.

SteinerBio continues to innovate surgical techniques and develop bone graft materials that allow the clinician to stay in the forefront of current technology. With the advent and innovated use of science-based bone graft materials, sinus augmentation can now leap past the sinus membrane for simple, easy and predictable implant placement in the maxillary posterior dentition.


American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR)

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS)